Help the youths stay on track and stay focused to accomplish the life of their dreams.

The Program

Our youth Program is one of our most prestigious and influential programs to date. This is because we recognize the power that tomorrows’ leaders will have with the proper leadership and guidance. 

Our creative educational programs are designed to educate, instruct and enlighten undeserved and at risk youth about the potential they have within themselves over past adversities and present circumstances they've encountered.

It’s where we build relationships and help them to take previous setbacks transforming them into a set-up for a major come back. We also use real life experiences, life changing concepts, curriculums and drills for effective prevention. We believe one of the best keys is to help identify their gifts, talents and strengths, which ultimately teaches them how to provide help for others, succeeding, while having fun doing so.

We involve principles that build accountability, character, standard and conduct, which develop into leadership! This is a service we provide to summer camps, in-school suspensions, juvenille detention centers and other agencies where needed. Also, geared for a long-term in-house after school program.

How can you be involved?

To apply to our program please click on "sign up" below. We will contact you within 24h, then we will schedule a meeting in person to go over your projects and goals. Sign up today! 

Our Success Stories


Honestly, I look up to Mr. Andrew! He's an inspiration to me and I have always wanted to be like him. Whenever he goes around people I see how nice he is to people and everyone shows him love. That’s pretty cool to me. Watching, listening and learning from him shows me how I want my character and personality to be and I'm glad to have him in my life.

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