"Mr. Bryant inspires me in many ways. His dedication to life, his organization, and his family is awesome to witness. Because of the energy that he puts out, I'm always encouraged to continue to push forward when I'm in his presence."


Founder of Dopeness in Christ Nonprofit Organization

Mr. Andrew Bryant is a stand-up guy. His strong belief in God and Family has helped me focus more on the both of them. He's a true Martyr whom walks the walk and talks the talk. Andrews undeniable passion, persistence and love for the community is contagious. He drives me to be a better Leader and man of God.


Owner of Mirror Me

Being a member of DFGP makes my heart smile because the founder is one of my classmates! He was obedient, and he is walking in God's calling for his life! Through his work and dedication he has shown God's UNCONDITIONAL love to people in the community, and he inspires me to continue to love people as Christ loves us! He strives to show people that our mistakes do not define us and obedience is better than sacrifice!


Owner Timeless beautiful Kreations

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Mr. Bryant's closeness to God and the way the spirit shines through him inspires my walk with the Lord. He is putting the things of this world aside and doing God's work, his drive and passion for making a difference in the community fuels my own desires to make a difference, and I am so blessed to call him my friend and to know his presence.


Trainer and Coach

Shouting thank you Lord all the way from San Diego, CA for Andrew Bryant and DFGP Group. I came on board around a year ago and have been riding since. Sometimes we tend to minimize the greatness of God in our lives. Watching Mr. Bryant and his work with the youth, and in the community has inspired me to reach out more. I owe my life and service to my Lord. DFGP reminds me to be thankful each and every day for even the smallest things. It reminds me that whatever gift I have I must share it. Andrew Bryant, I thank you for reaching out to me to be part of your ministry from afar. I pray that you and DFGP are abundantly and wonderfully blessed. 

Deborah Sykes