Our History

My name is Andrew Bryant from Stuttgart, AR. I am a child of the Most High that’s been given a Big assignment from my God. I'm passionate about helping others in EVERY way possible by consulting knowledge in spiritual wellness, health, wealth etc. I am a humanitarian & philanthropist by heart!


This funding is for a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization. Our mission is to uplift, encourage and inspire humanity by bringing awareness through our services, programs, events, initiatives and project developments via our apparel, jewelry, wall-art that you have a purpose! In one way or another, everyone is #DFGP #DesignedForGodsPurpose.

DesignedForGodsPurpose is defined by 3 statements.  1.To uplift and aid the afflicted or anyone suffering from trials or adversity. For us to minister that it’s for reason & purpose that we go through certain situations in life. Whether it’s due to our own choices, which leaves lingering circumstances or whether it was from something we had no control over. Deut 31:6 says, 'Be strong & courageous.  

Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you'. God has a way in His omnipotent & supernatural majesty to elevate you showing you WHY we're enduring that certain situation.  As you continually seek Him, become inspired & recite to yourself that you are #DFGP #DesignedForGodsPurpose He will pull you through!

2. To encourage the individual that knows it’s more to them in life; that the dreams, hopes & visions they had/have can be accomplished. We know at times circumstances can get us discouraged, or feel defeated! Well, that’s when you have to muster up in your spirit & speak into existence,  believe & declare Philippians 4:13 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!' Which then confirms for you to seek, be inspired & recite that you are #DFGP #DesignedForGodsPurpose

3. The bible speaks in Romans 12:16 'Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited'. Our mission thirdly serves as a reminder, that once you've made it or accomplished achievements to remain humble & pay it forward. In the words of Keith Wallace "Each1reach1, when you reach1teach1". Share the knowledge & remember to give God the Glory bc you're #DFGP #DesignedForGodsPurpose

Proceeds will be used towards building headquarters, initiatives, services, programmatic needs, training, filing, filming, proper paperwork, web design, appliances, electronics, furnishings, product testing, data and analytical studies.

Having the funds as soon as possible will enables us to have an immediate call to action, to get the ball rolling by exposing such a relative and imperative cause. The mental, emotional and spiritual healing is at an all-time high and your partnership is needed as we deliver and spread inspirational healing to the nation. I trust God with the vision He's given to us to make provision and transition us to a full-time ministry. The time framing seems to be feasible by having this organization fully built within a year once proceeds are allocated. This means much to us as we hope and believe that it means to everyone in the world. Which is to have a reminder of what we're to do, be & become.  

As we raise donations through our fundraisers and quality inspired products, our infrastructure is set to SEEK PROBLEM •DEVELOP SOLUTION• CREATE & IMPACT CHANGE in communities where it’s needed at that present time. These strategies will enable us to create project development, activities, fundraisers, programs and curriculums to strengthen communities on a global & economic platform.


Our "Vision from a Distance" is to form a battered woman shelter, inmate rehabilitation program, youth curriculum (reshaping youth to lead & be purposeful) and to develop a #DesignedForGodsPurpose national food drive/outreach, and for our international department as we do missionary work abroad.  Our doors are open for other charities organizations and businesses to form a partnership as we then can do, give and serve even more!

We're beyond thankful to God, continually humbled, and grateful to serve communities and companies who want to make a change.  Take pride in being a part of a premier global & international faith-based organization! Together we can promote global peace, decrease crime and the turn-over rate and increase a better quality of life.


We know you will be blessed 100 folds by your obedience to God, as you hear the calling to donate towards this campaign. We pray a supernatural miracle in advance to everyone who contributes/donates. Remember that You are DFGP. Designed For Gods Purpose! 

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