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Recently we've discovered the need of a service that seldomly gets overlooked. So in the event of loosing a loved one this will provide a deep comfort by leaving priceless memorabilia for friends & family.

Inmate Rehabilitation

Institutionalism is the factor and main reason previous inmates may fall into prison recidivism rate. In order to stop this, our service provides counseling and guidance through speaking engagements to a whole or one-on-one. 

Homeless Outreach
Domestic Violence 

In the area of domestic violence we provide counseling through our certified partners, such as the Life Enrichment Bootcamp. Learn more today!


Our youth Program is one of our most prestigious and influential programs to date. We recognize the power that tomorrows' leaders will have with the proper leadership and guidance. 

We partner with restaurants as we go to metropolitan cities & ministers to help the less fortunate by developing a relationship, providing resources  leaving them with a token of love.

Success Stories

Samuel has been a young man who looks unto our leadership, friendship & mentorship on a daily basis. He says we inspire him to be a better community leader in his area so that he can make a larger impact to fellow Nigerians.

Immediately after leaving an unhealthy relationship & lifestyle I contacted DFGPgroup. Andrew was there to provide months of counseling steps which encouraged me to follow through with what my heart was already telling me. 

Mr. Bryant inspires me in many ways. His dedication to life, his organization, and his family is awesome to witness. Because of the energy that he puts out, I'm always encouraged to continue to push forward when I'm reminded of his wise words.

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