Memorabilia Program

We know that it is a very difficult times for the loved ones to take care of a service financially, so we built a program to support them.

The Program

Welcome to DFGPgroup, were a premier global & international Nonprofit Organization. Our mission is to simply uplift encourage & inspire all humanity by branding the awareness and exposing the importance of Purpose.

We do this through our programs, events, services, initiatives & project developments. Recently we've discovered the need of a service that seldomly gets overlooked. So in the event of loosing a loved one this will provide a deep comfort by leaving priceless memorabilia for friends & family.

What's next?

Do you need help with funeral or memorial expenses? We can help! Get in touch with us today!

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Other programs

At DFGPgroup we believe the grieving homegoing celebration of our loved ones are already times of stress. Let us add a layer of financial peace to the equation by creating a fundraiser on your behalf for the legacy of the ones you love.

WHY WOULD WE DO THIS?? We believe in the cause that your loved one lived a life of Purpose. What other way to depart this earth than to be reminded that they were DesignedForGodsPurpose #uplift #encourage #inspire

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