Inmate Rehabilitation

Help inmates get back on track by getting  access to our services.

The Program

Institutionalism is the factor and reason previous inmates may fall into prison recidivism rate. In order to stop this, our service provides counseling and guidance through speaking engagements to a whole or one-on-one. Some will also attend the Life Enrichment Bootcamp to gain even more tools to successfully learn ways to a better quality of life.

How can you be involved?

To apply to our program please click on "sign up" below. We will contact you within 24h, then we will schedule a meeting in person to go over your projects and goals. Sign up today! 

Our Success Stories

Our future project development consists of a program housed for past inmates that will go through steps over a course of 120 days. This is where mind elevation will transform them into new habits. We teach and train in money management skills, job placement, record clearance, housing, courses, classes, webinars and seminars that issue certificates to sustain their new established life...

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Keith Stockdale

Hello my name is Keith Stockdale, the DFGPgroup has done so many things to help me in troubled times in my life, Andrew has helped me focus on God and draw closer to him while I deal with this world and how ugly it can be at times, I can definitely say that no matter what time of the day or night Andrew has always been willing and available to pray for me, pray with me, stand with me... My family and I are extremely grateful for him and his leadership and courage to follow the lord and continue spread the good news.

Our Success Stories

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