You can start fundraising with the DFGPgroup in a few simple steps! Is it your birthday coming up? Are you getting married? Launch a fundraiser and ask your guests to donate instead! 

Start fundraising today!

Launch your fundraiser on Facebook in only a few steps!

Is it your


Is it your birthday coming up? Ask your friends to donate for those who are hungry instead of buying a gift.

Make the occasion even more special by asking your guests to donate instead of registering for gifts.

Instead of appetizers, you could ask your friends to make a donation to your upcoming party?

Are you getting


Enjoy your


As you are training, ask your friends to donate a gift to help youths develop their team and competition spirit.

Did you know that it has a bigger impact to work on a fundraiser as a group. Bring your team work and fundraise!

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Bring your


Are you


We know you are creative, you take stunning photos and love to bake? Share your creativity with the youths and your community.