Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be closer than you know. We provide services to help victims of this horrific crime.

The Program


After leaving an abusive relationship I reached out to Andrew & DFGPgroup. I knew him because we were classmates, yet over the years I heard about his transition and all of the counseling and ministering he has done. After filling him in on discreet details he began to guide me on changing my perception, understanding the root cause and instructing me how I am truly loved. As I spent countless of hours seeking his counseling methods, I found it just as true how God loves me & that I shouldn’t receive anything less of His love. Today I know that I am beautifully and wonderfully created in His image, Today I have custody of my children, Today, I have a job, a car, and a place where we call home! I’m forever grateful for Andrew and the DFGPgroup. This organization is indeed built with distinctive, creative and diversified people who're highly relatable and eager to express how we're #DesignedForGodsPurpose

Immediately after leaving an unhealthy relationship and lifestyle I contacted DFGPgroup. I told Andrew what I was facing and that I was in another state. He quickly advised me that it wasn’t a problem being in another state. I had seen his fb page as I was seeking help and their page seemed like so much joy and in the pictures they looked so relatable. Andrew was there to provide months of counseling steps, which encouraged me to follow through with what my heart was already telling me. They called and found me a Christian facility in Oregon where I checked in, and I received further mental, emotional and spiritual healing that I desired. My future has never looked so bright! The clarity I now have on life makes me deeply greatful for meeting Andrew, DFGPgroup and the service they provide. I encourage anyone who's ever in ANY need to contact him. They truly will get you to understand that you have a Purpose.


In domestic violence, we provide counseling through our certified partners, such as Life Enrichment Bootcamp. Our initiative to this focus area is to make a quick impact to provide a drop off location where people can donate beautifying essentials. It's many times after leaving a case of domestic violence one needs the support to believe in themselves again.

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