About us

We stand for God, and so do you. It is why we created this brand. Everyone of us is "Designed for God's Purpose."

Who we are

The DFGPgroup is a global nonprofit and uses high standards amongst a set of biblical principals to get the job done; character, integrity, honesty, passion, transparency and love. We are a group of talented humanitarians and philanthropist who has spent over 20 years sharpening our strengths to provide excellence in servant characteristics, mentorship, leadership, discipleship and evangelism.

How do we do it?

Our team here at the DFGPgroup has many years of street credibility, extensive training and certificates varying from strategic marketing, team building, anthropology, sociology, methodology, aesthetics, linguistics, psychology, early childhood education and business.

Our Events

The MidSouth Summit Black Expo

The DFGPgroup was in the Black Expo on February 2017 and is also a partner in many other entertainment areas. The Black Expo brings together for a day: education, entertainment, shopping and more.

The Black History Month Gala

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